Smolna40, where the Hotel Indigo Warsaw is located, is an extraordinary building with unique surroundings. Built in 1903, it originally functioned as a residence within a block of tenement houses.
The owner of the building at that time - count Ksawery Branicki - hoped to create a representative urban development. Situated in Warsaw’s most charming and picturesque neighborhood, in proximity to Nowy Świat street, Trakt Królewki Route and Trzech Krzyży square. From the moment it was created, Smolna 40 fascinated with its beautiful ornaments and palace-like interiors. Rebuilt after the second world war, the Branicki Residencial House is one of Warsaw’s iconic heritage buildings. Since 2014 it has been owned by Budizol Property, which has devoted its best efforts to maintain the building’s historic value.