Gym, Sauna, Bicycles

At Indigo Warsaw - Nowy Swiat, we are well aware of how important guests consider their daily rituals, even when traveling. That's why we have provided a gym, a relaxation area, a bicycle rental facility and a single-track storage room for those who would like to visit us with their own bicycle.

If you can't imagine the beginning of your day without a workout on the treadmill, you'll love our gym. We have equipped it with the necessary equipment for a general workout. If training at the gym is not enough for you, take advantage of our bike rental. Indigo Warsaw - Nowy Swiat is surrounded by plenty of beautiful bicycle routes. In turn, after a day filled with responsibilities or sightseeing in Warsaw, we invite you to our sauna, where you will find relaxation for mind and body. 


Universal Gym

An intimate space available exclusively to guests of the hotel. Treadmill, stationary bike, orbitrek, weights and workout bench will allow you to have your favorite workout.

Our gym also has a water dispenser and towels, so you can quench your thirst during and after your workout and ensure your comfort.

Relaxation and health

Steam and Dry Sauna

It has not been known for a long time that the sauna has a salutary effect on our well-being. Thanks to sauna sessions you will relax, take care of blood circulation and strengthen your body.

At Indigo Warsaw - Nowy Swiat you can enjoy a steam sauna and a dry sauna. This is an excellent solution especially after a day filled with physical and mental exertion.


Bicycles for Guests

and Storage

There are more than 700 kilometers of bicycle routes in Warsaw, allowing you to explore almost the entire city. Some of them run in the immediate vicinity of Indigo Warsaw - Nowy Swiat.

From spring to autumn we put at your disposal two comfortable city bicycles, which will allow you to quickly reach the Vistula River, the Royal Baths and Wilanów.

If you want to come with your own bicycle, no problem. We provide space in a locked bike room equipped with special hangers.


Billiard Club

Is there a game that exercises concentration, develops logical thinking, and at the same time allows you to de-stress and calm down? Of course, it's billiards.

At Indigo Warsaw - New World we have prepared a billiard club. Whether you feel like calming down or playing an exciting duel with friends, you can do it at our hotel.